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My mom goes a little crazy during the holiday season—this year she cut out multiple winter-themed paper chains and draped them all around the house. After some prompting from her, I photographed a few of them. In an attempt to be a brat, I laid on the floor of my kitchen and took a photo of this creation, which was located on my kitchen ceiling.

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E&D spring lecture series begins

by Megan Morin

This Wednesday kicked off the Exploration and Discovery Spring Lecture Series with “The Science and Culture of Food, ” presented by our very own president Barry Glassner, along with Professors Janis Lochner and Bob Goldman. This colloquium was the first in a series of highly relevant and engaging discussions that all students are invited to attend.

The next lecture, “Is There a Scientific Method?” will be presented Feb. 16 by Professors Cliff Bekar, Jay Odenbaughand Liz Safran. This is followed by lectures discussing other critical questions to challenge young minds: “What is Modernity?” will be discussed on Mar. 9, “What is Natural?” on Apr. 13 and “Is Conflict Bad?” on Apr. 20. All lectures are in Miller 105.

While these lectures are an excellent opportunity for intellectual stimulation for all students, they compliment first-years’  E&D course particularly well. As E&D director Rebecca Copenhaver explains, E&D is meant to consider “those big, enduring human questions.” The colloquium series is an important part of the goal of E&D, which, as Copenhaver says, is to promote a “broad, deep intellectual engagement across the disciplines… the kind that gives true education and insight into these deep, meaningful questions.”
Keep an eye out for more on the lecture series in upcoming weeks.

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